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Award-Winning author Christian Cipollini covered the spectrum from freelance journalist, writer, crime historian, consultant, lecturer, and designer , covering everything from entertainment to human interest to gangsterism.  A graduate of Seton Hill University, he is also a father, animal welfare advocate and collector of rare organized crime related photographs & artifacts.


Currently, Cipollini has three books available, regularly contributes mob history articles to Real Crime Magazine & Writers of Wrongs, and The Mob Museum Blog, designs mob-history themed swag & infographics, serves as the spokesmodel for The American Gangsters apparel line, and is the writer/creator of the new comic book/graphic novel series "LUCKY"based on the strange-but-true tales of gangster Charles "Lucky" Luciano.  His more recent endeavor, along with Andrew Dodge - curator of the murderbilia site True Crime Auctionhouse, is the acquisition of 'life story rights' option for convicted Cartel Hitman Jose Manuel Martinez, aka El Mano Negra.


In the past, he co-created a mob-history-themed apparel and infographics company, with products having appeared in rapper Necro's video "Jewish Gangsters" and the documentary film "DAS MAFIA-PARADIES" by Hans Peter Weymar. 


Cipollini's quotes and insight can be found in publications such as VICE, Penthouse, OZY, and lectures at colleges on the subjects of crime. He often appears on documentary television programs, with past appearances including Reelz Channel Series "Gangsters: America's Most Evil" & "The Real Story of...,"  History Channel Series "United Stuff of America" , AHC's 'America: Facts vs. Fiction', Travel Channel's "Mission Declassified" and served as a consultant & Location Producer on National Geographic Channel’s critically-acclaimed series DRUGS, INC.








Christian Cipollini


"Writes Good Books; About Very Bad Things."