LUCKY Dope Men Comic Book Series

"Lucky 2: Dope Men is a fresh take on the early years of the Mafia in America and the rise of a national narcotics syndicate. This stylish, neo-noir comic is propelled by Yevgeniy Frantsev's sharp illustrations and Christian Cipollini's crisp, streetwise dialogue, accentuated by authentic history and memorable characters." 

Scott Deitche, author of Garden State Gangland: The Rise of the Mob in New Jersey

"The acclaimed writer of wrongs scores high reaching new lows documenting the life and crimes of Lucky Luciano and pals- the ultimate undesirables of the underground."

MayCay Beeler, author ofThe Provocative Odyssey of Jack Reed Adventurer, Drug Smuggler ...

"Building upon the concrete literary foundation set in "Lucky: A Scar is Born", author Christian Cipollini artistically weaves historical true crime and creative interpretation to continue the fascinating story of Lucky Luciano and his ultimate rise to power. Accompanied by a captivating cast of gangland hoodlums, along with their actual quotes and dialogue, "Dope Men" shines a light on the lesser known, yet arguably largest underworld racket that raked in millions of dollars for the mob while also placing them directly in the cross hairs of law enforcement."

Avi Bash, author of Organized Crime in Miami

“From dusty old police files and the black and white pages of history books, New York City’s gangsters of old are brought to life in vivid color in Christian Cipollini’s Dope Men. A fun and informative look at the men who started a criminal empire.”

Patrick Downey, author of Gangster City: The History of the New York Underworld 1900-1935

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LUCKY Dope Men Comic Book Cover

The Great Depression …
A new decade began with futile hopes of regaining prosperity
snuffed out by 1929’s final roar. The market crash swept many
hard-working citizens into a whirlwind of economic and emotional
despair. It seemed only two entities could survive and flourish from
such downtrodden souls: industrial robber barons and gangsters.
The latter’s exploitation of liquor, gambling, sex and shylock was
further augmented by a sin many did not and still not wish to speak
of. Indeed, the smoky ambivalence could not remain shrouded
forever. Masses sought narcotized escape; the underworld became
Doctor Feelgood; the moral majority was last to even notice.
Opportunity knocked a decade before, and Arnold ‘The Brain’
Rothstein answered, schooling young gangsters in all that things
that fill wallets, and the logistic science of assuring the demand is
supplied. Among the Brain’s pupils were the future of gangland allstars;
Lucky Luciano, Legs Diamond, Frank Costello, George Uffner,
Dutch Schultz, Lepke Buchalter, Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky.
Each developed skills and specialties; a select few became
experts in providing opium dreams.
Our story continues with the tales of the original . . .

Lucky Luciano comic book series artwork
LUCKY Variant Cover: Tera Patrick, Cipollini, Lucky Luciano

LUCKY no. 2 DOPE MEN Variant Cover by J. Liswed featuring an homage to Creator Christian Cipollini, the Legendary Tera Patrick, and of course the Man... Lucky Luciano.

The Variant cover collectible edition will debut in November and limited copies will be available at the New Jersey Exxxotica Convention (signed by both Christian Cipollini and Tera Patrick.