"Heaven or Hell?" Jose Manuel Martinez, aka El Mano Negra on video visit call with author Christian Cipollini

22 July 2018

Christian Cipollini (award-winning author & organized crime historian) and Andrew Dodge (curator of True Crime Auctionhouse) have acquired the 'life-story rights' to tell the tale of modern history's most unusual and sinister underworld hitman.  "El Mano Negra" - The Black Hand - assassinated over thirty people since 1980, most were sanctioned hits, contracted by drug cartels.  Get ready to meet Jose Manuel Martinez... a real Sicario


Available for preorder!

In the latest anthology series edited by Mitzi Szereto - The Best New True Crime Stories: Small Towns - author and organized crime historian Christian Cipollini joins the ensemble of esteemed writers and gives you a glimpse into the mind and crimes of Jose Manuel Martinez, aka El Mano Negra.  Be sure to order your copy and prepare yourself for some truly sisister storytelling.

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