LUCKY A Gangster Comic - Chapter One - A Scar is Born

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A decade of wealth, excess and prosperity for many – but not all. While the successful segments of American society were living lavishly, the darker corners were spawning, shaping and honing the talents of young and enterprising criminals. With the impending doom of economic disaster looming, and the prohibition of narcotics and alcohol, the country, culture, and economics were primed for a new era of gangsterism to evolve.

Among the ensemble cast of soon-to-be crime kingpins…arose one of the most prolific, mythologized, misunderstood, vilified and at times – idolized. His name was Salvatore Lucania, and in 1929, a near-death experience altered his physical appearance, produced outrageous misinformation, but most of all – cemented his status as the most infamous, influential, and polarizing organized crime figure in the annals of America’s darker history. Our story begins as…a Scar is Born.

The first in a four-part series.

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